Employee engagement at Esler Companies starts with the CEO and runs deep

“We believe the future of CX for Esler Companies starts with asking, ‘What is the most loving thing we can do in this situation?”

John Esler

CEO Esler Companies

Esler Companies comprises four Renewal by Andersen affiliates (Colorado, Greater Philadelphia, Phoenix, and Southern New England) and its marketing engine, Telefluent Communications. Esler Companies is a privately-held, $300 million company with 1,000 associates.

“Delighting customers starts with delighting our associates and building a culture with love,” CEO John Esler explains. “We want customers to experience more than satisfaction. We want them to feel loved. Our model for driving our business forward “with love” is called Our Thriving Circle. The foundation comes from loving yourself. When we love and value ourselves, it brings out the best in us—our best self. Collectively committed to bringing our best selves to work, we create the capacity to develop an amazing company culture. When we focus our behaviors on words and deeds originating from love, we will ignite delight for our customers, associates, and partners. The fire that starts deep inside with self-love is now felt deeply by customers. This all cycles through to create an unparalleled Customer Experience. There is no end to the circle. Having provided an unparalleled customer experience, each time we complete the cycle, we feel good about ourselves and are enthusiastic to start the cycle again at a higher level.”

Medallia plays a key role in the success of Esler Companies.

“Medallia inspires us through leading by example,” Esler says. “Their company mission to create a world where companies are loved by customers and employees is inspiring and it is one that we want to be closely linked to.  Medallia teaches us–they have traveled the road of associate delight and customer delight with the leading companies in the world. They are transparent with what they do internally and share best practices thru their partnering companies. Medallia software allows transparency of how each person, department, and the overall company is doing in a variety of places in the customer journey to delight our customers.”

Source: Loyalty 360, Employee Engagement At Esler Companies Runs Deep

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