Retailers who excel across channels in ordering, shipping, delivery, and pickup turn single-channel customers into omnichannel customers.

Retail Fulfillment Experience from Medallia drives multi-channel buying behaviors and reinforces competitive differentiation by allowing brands to provide fulfillment experiences that minimize common friction points. Feedback is captured, analyzed, and prompted for response across the fulfillment journey, from orders fulfilled by traditional delivery methods, either via third party or in-house carriers, to those fulfilled by stores or distribution centers and available for pickup in specific locations.

What’s Included:
Survey templates for pickup and delivery touchpoints
Triggering and sampling rules to prevent survey fatigue
Role-based reporting dashboards for fulfillment managers
Updates to dashboards for cross-functional stakeholders, including digital, insights, and store leadership teams
Alerts and workflows for appropriate team based on specific origin and destination of fulfillment
Integration of operational data, including delivery SLAs, accuracy, identity of shipping carrier, and shipment origin to provide context for feedback and the information required to investigate issues
Ability to import returns feedback data to illuminate the impact of delivery issues on returned merchandise