Quickstart Back-to-School Suite (K-12)
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Quickstart Back-to-School Suite (K-12)

Capture in the moment video, audio or text feedback

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Right now it’s difficult to know what tomorrow holds. Most certainly for K-12 schools trying to balance a reopening plan with daily changes to safety and health regulations. This package will ensure you can a) be in front of these changes b) proactively determine how your reopening plan should operate and c) continually adapt using live feedback from those most closely impacted by these decisions. The current environment coupled with changing student and staff expectations has dramatically accelerated the use of interactive communication vehicles, such as video and text.

How K-12 schools engage with their students and staff today will directly impact the school’s reputation and ratings. It is critical for schools to demonstrate their ability to respond quickly to the needs of their staff, parents,  and students.

The Quickstart Back-to-School K-12  solution combines speed with ease and intelligence to bring you the clearest picture of how your employees are doing, how their sentiment is shifting over time and how you should best respond. Your employees will feel empowered when they can share their feedback their way –  via text, voice or video – with an ‘always on’ survey. They’ll know their voices are heard when meaningful action is taken on workplace issues surfaced by Medallia’s powerful AI platform. You will earn their trust and keep them engaged through seamless two-way communication to support the culture needed for greatest success. The school that takes care of their students and parents today will be the ones that thrive tomorrow.

What’s Included:

  • Unlimited surveys
  • Up to 10 users
  • One Feeded OR feedless web survey with manual upload file limited to ~17 fields
  • Admin Suite access for user management only
  • One pre-configured user role with pre-defined reporting
  • Text Analytics (with approx 15 pre-built topics)
  • One static unit

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