Happy and engaged employees deliver great experiences to customers, and happy customers drive great business outcomes. With Medallia’s Experience Data Integration, analysts across your organization can use Workday Prism Analytics to understand how employee and customer experiences drive business outcomes and take action accordingly. The integration allows you to combine experience data from the Medallia Experience Cloud with your organization’s financial, workforce, and operational data in Workday Prism Analytics. This gives human resources, financial, and business analysts the ability to understand the link between employee experiences, customer experiences, and business results and allows them to take targeted actions to improve business outcomes.

What’s Included:
Template API integration between Medallia Experience Cloud and Workday Prism Analytics
Secure authentication from Medallia Experience Cloud to Workday Prism Analytics
Pre-built data model for end-customer experience data
Pre-built data model for employee experience data
Customizable schedule for transferring data