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Listen, understand and act, at scale. Optimize high-value experience flows and enable access to agent support when and where it matters.

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Enable your team to identify, prioritize and improve the experiences that matter, from a product application online to a transaction in person at a local branch.

Identify and correct issues before they escalate. Operationalize your feedback program and arm your agents with the right tools and information to solve customer problems.

Leverage our pre designed support flows that allow agents to use co-browsing and omnichannel tools support to enable real-time agent intervention in moments of truth with your customers (churn risk, upsell/cross sell opportunities, etc).

What’s Included:

  • Brand NPS measured across the different channels.  
  • Four packages covering different channels: 

1) Physical channels: branches and ATM’s

2) Interaction channels: contact centers, IVR’s, chats and chatbots.

3) Digital channels: app and web*.

4) Loan Journey

  • Survey questions defined by channel satisfaction and by 3 key standard attributes: (simplicity, kindness, and trust) which standardizes the program and facilitates the understanding of results.
  • Triggering and sampling rules to prevent survey fatigue across customer touchpoints.
  • Four real-time reporting roles: Insights, Channel Manager, Closed Loop Feedback Team and Process Owner (loans).
  • Preconfigured text analytics engine to identify words & phrases, look for Topics & Themes, identify sentiments and actionable reporting; in real-time processing.
  • Alerts, workflows, and response templates to facilitate customer recovery.
  • For Package *3) Surfly integration included  - an interaction middleware application that can share, secure, and transform web experiences (the next wave of online interactions, currently powering online in-person experiences). A Surfly Session is equipped with co-browsing, video & voice chat, secure e-signing, responsive document annotation and completion and file sharing.

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