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Employee Moments

Manage experiences across the entire employee lifecycle: from talent acquisition to onboarding, training, development and separation

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Employee Moments allows you to understand and adjust how individuals experience critical moments in their tenure at your company. Feedback collected at every stage of the employee lifecycle helps to inform and drive strategic priorities, starting with first impressions during recruiting and onboarding, through high value activities like training and development, and ultimately capturing sentiments and reactions during offboarding and separation. Embedded analytics quickly identifies and prioritizes opportunities for improvement, resulting in enhanced employee happiness, productivity and retention.

And with Medallia’s integrations with HRIS, ATS, and Collaboration platforms, existing employee workflows don’t need to be disrupted.

What’s Included:

  • Survey templates for moments across an employee lifecycle including candidate experience, onboarding, training and offboarding
  • Triggering and sampling rules to prevent survey fatigue across moments
  • Alerts, workflows and templates to facilitate employee recovery
  • Real-time, role-based dashboards, customized to each level in the organization
  • Ability to integrate with HRIS (e.g., Workday), ATS (e.g., Lever) and Collaboration (e.g., Slack) platforms

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