Medallia for Defense & National Security

Harness insight and feedback from your most valuable asset: people

Harness insight and feedback from their most valuable asset: people

Every second counts in readiness to support the mission. That’s why our nation’s defenders must have the latest capabilities to effectively prepare and enhance decision making and improve Commander’s Intent across all mission sets. Now is the time to leverage the proven value in Customer and Employee Experience data, including system users, employees, and service members.

Recruiting and Retention

Solve recruiting & retention challenges

Medallia can help track signals that may indicate attrition.

Embed intuitive feedback tools at every stage of the recruit-to-enlistment journey. Two-way communication keeps recruits engaged, and real-time alerts allow quick responses to problems. Morale and engagement are central to retaining service members.

It is critical to understand what is driving departures and address it in real time. The experience individuals have in the service directly ties to ability to retain service members and retention drives recruiting requirements.

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Ensure service member are equipped to join the battle

Mission sets continue to change as new operational methods like hybrid warfare combine with emerging technologies such as cyber, drones, and virtual reality. Training must keep pace to ensure readiness when confronting the threats and enemies growing in strength and ambitions. Implementing training exercises with embedded real-time feedback helps instructors know they are understood and provide appropriate training. It is critical to achieving new and better ways to train the troops.


Enable innovation through service member experience

The military’s greatest assets are its people. Make sense of feedback and experience data shared by the troops every day with Medallia. Sync this data across systems for a holistic picture of how your people are doing. Understand the gaps like training needs or missing tools. Overwhelmed? Don’t be. We’ll turn data into insights in an instant.

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Provide a complete view of the troops health experience

Build trust with the troops and their families by capturing what matters most, making connections at key points, and sharing feedback across the organization. Combine all data to guide actions to improve well-being, engagement, and productivity.

Collect real-time feedback and sentiment across the patient journey and enrich with data from EHR and CRM systems for a complete view of our troops health. Prompt appropriate caregivers to take action in real-time and increasing caregiver morale with in-the-moment praise.

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Enable digital system and organizational agility with continuous feedback

Digital Transformations are incremental and impact all DevSecOps community stakeholders.  By capturing continuous enterprise-wide feedback, leaders can measure success or pivot quickly when unexpected results occur.

Feedback loops are essential to agile processes, and Medallia incorporates the human experience, in the form of feedback, to best inform leadership and enable data-driven decision making.

Breadth of Integrations

Medallia offers hundreds of easy to implement integrations and we are adding connectors all the time. Medallia partners with the tools vital to mission success - like Salesforce, ServiceNow, Adobe and more

Enterprise Grade Security, Privacy, Accessibility

Our security, privacy, and operational controls have been successfully implemented to meet the rigorous standards of not only public agencies, but highly regulated markets as well. Medallia Experience Cloud is FedRAMP High authorized by the Joint Authorization Board (JAB) which includes DoD, DHS, and GSA. Coupling Medallia Experience Cloud with an Agency ATO enables our customers to secure both High Impact Level data in Civilian Agencies or meet the strict security requirements for DoD Impact Level 4 and 5. Additionally, we offer solutions that meet the accessibility standards of WCAG 2.0 AA and Section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act, as applicable.

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