Case Study

Ideas to transform foster care licensing, and childrens’ lives

New America Foundation, a think tank and civic innovation organization, is working with 17 states to redesign the foster care experience. During the first phase, the organization partnered with the Washington State Department of Children, Youth & Families to improve the foster family licensing process.

The Medallia Crowdicity® idea collaboration platform was used to solicit stakeholder feedback through the Innovation Hub on the Washington State Department of Children, Youth and Families website. The easy-to-use platform ensured transparency in the feedback process, which led to buy-in from and engagement with thousands of stakeholders to improve the state’s foster care program. 

Read the case study and learn more about how New America identified 300+ changes, some that were identified and acted on immediately, to help transform the foster care licensing system in Washington State, demonstrating what it can look like to move from 11% to 70% licensed kinship caregivers while reducing licensing times to under 90 days.