Webinar Recording

Discovery Demo: Utilizing Digital Insights to Reduce Contact Center Costs

Shifting your contact center to operate as effectively and efficiently as possible requires accessible insights. In this Discovery Demo, you'll learn how you can:

  • Identify which digital frustrations are driving customers to reach out to the contact center and driving an increase in operational costs
  • Understand what online interactions reveal about your customers and how to empower your agents to address customer concerns
  • Prioritize the changes needed to improve agent performance, boost key performance metrics including FCR, AHT, and ASA, and reduce call volumes

Medallia's Contact Center Strategy team will showcase our Contact Center Suite. The platform combines actionable data across calls, emails, chats, transcripts, and social DMs with frontline engagement and quality management insights to drive improvements in agent performance and manual quality assurance workflows, reduce attrition and costs, increase sales, and improve customer loyalty.