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Going beyond engagement to understand your workforce

To truly understand employees and drive outstanding workplace experiences in this new world, we need a more holistic approach. Through multi-channel signal capturing and real time feedback, organizations can capture the employee voice and ultimately, better understand their needs and take meaningful, measurable action to fulfil them.

Join Medallia’s Melissa Arronte and David Ostberg for a fireside chat as they discuss how people leaders can drive employee purpose and connectedness to improve culture, retention and performance.

Topics covered include:

  • The difference between employee engagement and employee experience
  • Owning employee experience across the entire organization
  • Using signals to better understand key employee behaviours and amplify the employee voice
  • Creating opportunity for feedback and action to drive employee connectedness
  • Real examples of how companies have succeeded with holistic listening


  • Melissa Arronte, Ph.D. Solutions Principal, Employee Experience
  • David Ostberg, Ph.D. Solutions Principal, Employee Experience

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