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Transform Government with Behavioral Science

What's in the power of a nudge? Government agencies spend millions of dollars each year in effort to support the public everyday and in times of emergency. How are government agencies improving their understanding of how people process information and make decisions, and how agencies can design and administer programs? Government agencies are optimizing performance by leveraging the knowledge of human behavior, like nudges, to improve how they do business with the American people. What can we learn from Agency leadership, like the U.S. Department of Defense, who increased the number of service members enrolled in the Thrift Savings Plan, the federal government’s retirement program, with a nudge?

The Partnership for Public Service recently outlined how government agencies can optimize performance by leveraging the knowledge of human behavior to improve how they do business. Those agencies are producing better results—often quickly and at little cost — one nudge at a time.

These are the questions that were answered:

  • What role does behavioral sciences play, including the nudge, in the design and delivery of exceptional public digital services?
  • How does government leadership effectively leverage experts in behavioral sciences?
  • How does something seemingly small — like a nudge — become a critical moment that matters?

Moderator: Lora Allen, Principal CX Advisor, Medallia
Wendy Bhagat, Director, Product Marketing and Delivery Group at the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Federal Student Aid
Dan Barrett, Director, Grant Thorton LLC
Amanda Chavez, Director, Customer Experience, NuAxis Innovations
Allison Abbott, Senior Designer & Researcher, United States Digital Service | The White House

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