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The ROI of Government Experience: What ROI exists for Government CX and how do we measure it?

What gets measured gets funded. As agencies continue to pursue excellence in their delivery of services, leveraging the strategies and practices used in the business discipline of customer experience (CX) becomes essential.

A well-defined CX program highlights the importance of internal experiences critical to delivering on the promise. The government can save millions by reducing duplication and redundancies while providing the public a clear path to information and services, solving their problems and increasing their trust in government. However, to get the funding for these needed skills, processes, and technologies, you need to demonstrate a return on investment. Watch as we show you how to get leadership to buy-in to your CX programs and answer these questions:

  • Can you truly measure the ROI of CX?
  • Do the benefits of CX outweigh the costs and result in positive ROI?
  • How can you make that determination for your organization?

Moderator: Lee Becker, VP Solutions Principal

Speakers: Josh Rose, Senior Manager, Go-To-Market Strategy
Akash Bose, Senior Manager, Market Intelligence & Value Realization
Martha Dorris, Founder, Dorris Consulting International
Crystal Philcox, Asst Commissioner, Enterprise Strategy Management, Federal Acquisition Service, GSA

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