Webinar Recording

The ROI of Customer Experience

How strong is the link between the experience customers have with your brand, and what they end up spending?

It’s a question many executives ask — without getting satisfying answers.

Medallia’s research team sought to change this, and our work has been published in a Harvard Business Review post titled “The Value of Customer Experience, Quantified.”

We demonstrate how by leveraging the right customer data, organizations can finally start measuring the revenue value of their customer experiences. This analysis has the power to convert CX non-believers inside of organizations, and to help businesses better strategize the way they invest in customer experience improvements.

But don’t take our word for it. We want you to hear how to do it for yourself. This webinar will shed further light into our research approach and findings — and offer you a chance to ask Carolyn Egelman, one of our researchers who specializes in the ROI of Customer Experience, your questions.

In this webinar, Carolyn will explore:

  • How to quantify the linkage between customer experience and financial outcomes
  • How to tailor your analysis to transactional, subscription-based, and B2B customer relationships
  • And the data you need to get started with this analysis in your business