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The ROI of Customer Experiences

While there's now an understanding of the importance of investing in customer experience to gain an advantage, CX leaders are under immense pressure to prove the financial impact in order to create a solid business case for investment.

The reality is that most companies struggle to calculate the returns from CX investments. These firms may enjoy financial rewards from their customer experience spend but lack the visibility to correctly attribute the yield to CX efforts.

This disconnect jeopardizes the future of CX investments.

In this webinar, they demonstrate how organizations can measure the revenue value of their customer experiences by leveraging the right customer data, as well as how to better strategize the way they invest in customer experience improvements.

Watch this webinar to learn: 

  • How to calculate the business benefits and ROI of a CX program
  • Which data to use and how to analyse it
  • Real life use cases of the ROI other companies have achieved using CX

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