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The Customer-Centric Disruption of Life Sciences: How Customer Experience Leaders are Embracing the Change

Digital disruption has shifted how patients approach their care and the way physicians adapt to meet those needs. It is now more important than ever to understand the patient, HCP and employee journey to accelerate business impact and how your business must look to adapt and pivot.

Whether it’s through video, audio, mobile, or apps – meet patients, customers and employees on their terms. Make it easy to give feedback in the moment, and understand how to turn experience signals into action.

Watch The Customer-Centric Disruption of Life Sciences Part 2: How Customer Experience Leaders are Embracing the Change to take a deeper dive into how signals are changing the patient, employee and provider journey.

Fondas Tsigris, EMEA CRM Business Manager from The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson, shares how Janssen approached their Customer Experience initiative and what their roadmap is for the future. He joins Medallia’s Tami Salmi, Life Sciences Embedded Expert and Chris Colley, Customer Experience Global Principal, to discuss disruptive trends in life sciences and ways to turn signals to action.

They discuss:

  • How Life Sciences companies will win by listening, using Operational Customer Experience Management (OCEM) to get closer to patients, physicians, employees and other industry customers/partners
  • Ways Life Sciences companies can drive business outcomes and evolve these benefits to transform the organization over time
  • How to accelerate business success by capturing a broad mix of experience signals from the field engagement, contact centers, online/digital interactions, and more
  • Techniques to predict customer experience and future behavior for all customers
  • How to diagnose your organization’s readiness to begin an Experience program and common pitfalls to avoid

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