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Texting is the New Standard in Patient Follow-Up

Following up with patients post-care is more important now than ever, yet it's more difficult than ever. Staff shortages, patients' avoidance of traditional engagement methods such as phone calls, and limited ability to track and personalize experiences at scale make effective post-care follow-up challenging. But it doesn't have to be.

By connecting with patients through their preferred method of text messaging, care teams are able to create personal connections across the entire patient population in a scalable fashion that are foundational to building trust, leading to increased engagement and improved outcomes.
Watch Toni Land, Head of Clinical Healthcare Experience, and Aaron Elias, Senior Solutions Consultant, discuss and demonstrate:

  • The latest trends in patient expectations and their impact on engagement and the advantages of one and two-way text messaging
  • Use case for one and two-way text messaging and how they can used to increase compliance and reduce readmissions
  • The ease by which care teams can send personalized and automated messages to boost quality engagement

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