Case Study

How Talisis defines best in class experiences by listening and acting on customer and employee feedback

Headquartered in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, Talisis is a platform for learning and developing skills. The company is dedicated to innovation and professionalization from early childhood learning to higher education and professional training. 

After working to establish a program to improve its Net Promoter Score® (NPS), the company experienced a dip that coincided with pandemic lockdowns and a move to online learning, and needed a way to distribute and act on the data. Talisis bounced back with a 20-point increase in NPS and developed processes to close the loop with students on requests within 24 hours by relying on the Medallia platform and a full-fledged Voice of the Customer program. Now the company is rolling out a Voice of the Employee program, aimed at improving the experience for teachers and others who work on any of the 160 campuses. 

Read the case study and learn how Talisis improved satisfaction for both customer and employee programs, bolstering Talisis' responsiveness to its customers, and leading to higher enrollment rates and lower staff churn.