Case Study

Splacer creates meaningful experiences by obtaining a comprehensive view of the customer journey

Splacer is an online marketplace that brings together people who own unique spaces with people who are looking to create event “experiences,” such as meetings, workshops, parties and exhibitions. Just like Airbnb turns homes into hotels, Splacer lets people transform their personal spaces into event venues for their local community. In order to make sure their users are satisfied, it is critical for Splacer to understand exactly what their clients want so they can show the right results when clients are searching for the perfect event space. 

Splacer began using Medallia CX Journeys because of it’s customization, connectivity to data sources, and its ability to visualize and analyze all of the data in one platform. With access to dashboards and reports, Splacer has a comprehensive view across six journeys. With analytical data coming from 10+ sources, such as the Splacer website, Google Analytics, Facebook and Stripe, CX Journeys enables their teams to understand and comprehend all of that data in one platform. 

Read the case study and find out how understanding client journeys has enabled the Splacer team to see an additional 10% more bookings per month, which equates to an additional 15% in booking revenue per month.