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What Senior Living Can Learn From Hospitality: A Modern Approach to Operationalizing Feedback

Senior Living REITs, ownership groups, and operators often look to hospitality as a model. These same groups have legions of data about their residents, family members and employees, but few insights about the Customer and Employee Experience.

Watch Medallia experts from Senior Living, Hospitality, and Healthcare as they discuss the expectations of the resident of the future and what Senior Living as an industry can do today to prepare for what’s to come.

In this session, they cover how:

  • A modern approach to operationalizing feedback that is widely used in hospitality can improve the overall experience of residents, families and employees.
  • A new approach to feedback can help organizations align their values and mission statements with everyday experiences.
  • Customer and Employee Experience connect to the bottom line to improve key metrics like NOI, occupancy rates, retention rates, and more

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