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Looking Back to Leapfrog Ahead: Retail Holiday 2020 Learnings to Drive Experience Innovations in 2021

In today’s retail landscape, the ability for organizations to be fluid and agile when it comes to evolving their customer experience is paramount. To do this effectively means listening to customers early and often, broadening your signal strategy and creating a continuous feedback loop with stakeholders who can act on early warning signs of friction in close to real time.

Listen to Medallia’s Strategy Analytics team discuss how the conversation with Retail customers changed and evolved this past holiday in comparison to years prior, and what themes continued to build strong momentum throughout 2020, signaling where experience innovations should be focused in the year ahead.

Watch to learn:

  • 3 key themes bubbling up to the top of the conversation in Holiday 2020 that will set the bar for excellence in customer experience (CX) in 2021
  • Recommendations on how to pivot and get ahead using customer and employee feedback
  • Opportunities to engage Medallia’s Strategy and Analytics Team for consulting, analytics and data science services to accelerate your Experience Management program’s maturity and time-to-value

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