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Ready for a new approach to reducing readmissions?

In a short amount of time, the healthcare industry has experienced significant change. However, one thing has not changed – the high number of hospital readmissions and the associated penalties. In order to reduce readmissions, health systems need to take a different approach. And that approach starts with leveraging the right technology to drive quality engagement. However, many organizations struggle to find effective ways to communicate with their patients.

By connecting with patients through their preferred method of two-way text messaging, care teams are able to create personal connections that are foundational to building trust, leading to increased engagement and improved outcomes.

Watch Toni Land, Head of Clinical Healthcare Experience, and Aaron Elias, Senior Solutions Consultant, for a discussion and demonstration about:

  • The latest trends in patient expectations and their impact on engagement and the advantages of two-way text messaging over one-way text messaging
  • How two-way text messaging can be used to reduce readmissions
  • The ease by which care teams can send personalized and automated messages to boost quality engagement

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