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Using technology to transform the fertility journey

The Prelude Network was founded with an ambitious goal of improving the way patients experience the journey of infertility. As The Prelude Network has grown, so has the need to ensure that every individual/couple has a consistent, personalized experience. Patients want an easy and intuitive way to engage with providers, and without the ability to act on real-time feedback, The Prelude Network did not have a seamless way to engage with patients and amplify their voices.

Although each patient’s journey is unique, some of the touchpoints along the journey include: Scheduling, Initial Consult, Financial Consult, Retrieval, and Graduation. While these touchpoints could be addressed on an individual basis, it becomes unscalable when solving across 30,000 IVF cycles administered annually. By using Medallia™, with services support from Excers, they now have the ability to aggregate the data and can identify key areas of improvement from the feedback that they receive. 

With the help of Medallia, and service delivery support by Excers, The Prelude Network has increased their response rates to 37%, enabling them to retain 89% of detractors, helping 130 more patients to achieve their dream of having a baby. 

Case Study

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