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No Pause Button: How To Get Ahead Even As Contact Center Challenges Intensify

The events of 2020 imposed unprecedented burdens on the contact center. The calendar may now read 2021, but many of those challenges are only going to intensify.

Contact center models will transform, agent experiences will evolve, and customer expectations will rise. In the face of such rapid and significant change, pressing pause on improvement is not an option.

If you successfully handled the events of 2020, you do not have the luxury of stepping off the gas. You have to continue rising to new standards. If you struggled in 2020, you will not have a chance to “catch up.” You can only focus on getting ahead.

This webinar reveals how to not only keep up with market evolutions but accelerate improvements. The lessons will apply to contact centers of all improvement levels: from early stage, to optimization, to advanced maturity.

Topics include:

  • Surefire CX predictions for 2021: what do they mean for contact center strategy?
  • 5 biggest contact center mistakes of 2020: how can you avoid repeating them in 2021?
  • Enduring challenges: how can you eliminate long-standing inefficiencies and pain points?
  • Different goals for different centers: what are the top priorities for companies at different maturity stages?
  • Listen to the data: how can you leverage actionable intelligence to accelerate growth?

Brian Cantor, Principal Analyst, CCW Digital
Rachel Lane, Solution Principal, Medallia

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