Case Study

How Nissan Maximized Form Conversions & Increased Conversion by 30% using Medallia Digital Experience Analytics

Nissan has been working with Medallia, the leader in Digital Experience Analytics, for several years to ensure they deliver the very best online experience for their customers.

Medallia Digital Experience Analytics (Medallia DXA) is utilized at all stages of this process, from the initial discovery of an experience issue to testing website variants and finally validating the success of those changes.

With an array of forensic tools such as session replays, heatmaps, and journey analytics, Nissan's digital teams has everything they need to achieve a 360° view of customer experience. The team at Nissan also used the Digital Experience Score (DXS) and other analytics tools in Medallia DXA to uncover multiple areas that were underperforming.

Read the case study to learn how Nissan increased form completion rates by 32.5% with a 39% increase in pre-sales leads with Medallia DXA.