Webinar Recording

Mastering Curbside Pickup with Video Feedback

Curbside pickup and delivery options are no longer “nice to haves” — they are mandatory in a sense; a lifeline keeping some businesses afloat. What is missing from contactless shopping experiences, though, is the human element to interaction that consumers still value.

Learn how retail and restaurant businesses can use tools like real-time video and text feedback to understand their customers’ better, and to provide more memorable curbside and delivery experiences that strike a happy balance between digital and human interaction.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how to:

  • Add a human element to contactless shopping and dining experiences by making it easy for consumers to share feedback via text and video surveys
  • Use AI-powered Text Analytics Insights to easily track the topics impacting consumers’ fulfillment experiences, see how specific retail or restaurant locations are performing, and much more
  • Empower store and fulfillment teams to improve curbside pickup and delivery experiences in real-time via the Medallia Mobile app

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