Webinar Recording

Insights on Inflation: Are Consumer Behaviors Changing Over Time?

In this webinar, market research expert Andrew Custage joins forces with CX expert Bill Staikos to present an insights-packed analysis of how consumer behavior has been impacted by rising prices and reduced purchasing power.

  • The state of household finances - have consumers’ financial situations worsened?
  • The experience of inflation - as brands raise prices, how do consumer perceptions change?
  • How much are consumers cutting back on non-essential “nice to have” spending?
  • What do consumers expect their future spending behavior to look like?

We cover these insights and more, plus offer expert perspectives on how your brand can adapt to the changing needs of your customers and use market research to inform your CX program.


Bill Staikos, SVP, Executive Advisory, Medallia

Andrew Custage, Sr. Director, Head of Insights, Medallia

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