How PEXA Elevated Its Member Experience with Medallia

As the leading platform in an industry experiencing change, expectations from members are high. A pivotal moment came for PEXA after the platform was launched. Given a significant amount of time had been committed to product development, PEXA quickly realised that informed consideration from the end-user, their members, was crucial to its success.

PEXA implemented Medallia Digital to initially track feedback from members and drive improvements to the platform to ensure members had the appropriate levels of training on how to use it effectively. The correlation between the company’s overall commitment to member experience and that of each PEXA employee became evident early on in their experience journey and has led the company to develop some PEXArian driven initiatives.


  • NPS increased by 20 points
  • Member Experience Score (internal measure) increased by 28 points
  • Launched ‘Voice of the Frontline’ to share and resolve feedback across the platform
  • Established Member Experience Champions Group to develop MX initiatives and tools

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