Case Study

How a leading automotive brand built a customer-centric culture through employee engagement

A leading automotive brand partnered closely with Medallia to create a customer-centric culture. This well-known company touches the lives of people in every corner of the globe, not just by making the most technologically advanced, reliable, and fun-to-drive vehicles, but by leading the way in customer-centric sales, delivery, and servicing.

Engaging employees across the company’s network of independent dealerships was key to this strategy because the dealerships are the primary connection point between the brand and its customers. While the program’s ultimate goal is to improve the customer experience, the brand accomplishes this by ensuring that owners and employees are fully engaged and equipped with the tools they need to excel in every customer interaction.

Read the case study and find out why this leading automotive brand turned to Medallia to build a customer-centric culture through employee engagement, helping each dealership identify areas to improve engagement, make changes, and ultimately serve customers better.