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Getting Ahead of Evolving Customer & Agent Pains

Why the Business Should Care About Attrition, Hiring & Burnout

As we exit the pandemic era and enter an economic downturn, contact centers are facing a new set of challenges from both the customer and agent perspective.

  1. In a tight labor market, it's difficult for contact centers to attract candidates. What can talent acquisition teams can do to improve the candidate experience and solve the struggle to hire?
  2. Agent attrition has increased at an astonishing rate. What is causing the higher turnover, and what can employers do about attrition?
  3. With leaner teams, agents' workload has increased. Burnout and inefficiencies are creating ripple effects across entire orgs. How can Contact Center leaders make it easier on their teams, and simultaneously do more with less?

In this webinar, we covered how these trends are impacting your business and how you can solve for them.

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