Webinar Recording

Find Out How Hilton Worldwide Became a Customer Experience Leader

Hilton Worldwide, the 2014 Gold Winner of the Gartner and 1:1 Media CRM Excellence Award in Customer Analytics, leads the hospitality industry with its customer experience and insights program.

How did Hilton win? The whole company, from the C-suite to the frontline, is engaged!

Over 54,000 employees regularly engage with real-time customer feedback. Hilton focuses on continuously turning insights into action to better serve its guests.

Join our upcoming webinar to learn how Hilton uses Medallia to:

  • Empower over 54,000 active Medallia users, across 4,000+ properties in 90 countries, with real-time guest feedback and actionable insights
  • Link guest loyalty to revenue: one Hilton brand found that promoters return more than three times more frequently and spend over 58% more than detractors
  • Test innovative practices and offerings to determine where to make investments

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