Harness the Power of Signals to Improve Employee Experience

In today's world where employee and customer experiences are linked, and organizations are increasingly competing on the experiences they deliver to both internal and external stakeholders, innovative companies that are able to really listen and proactively drive change have the ultimate competitive advantage. 

"Harness the Power of Signals to Improve Employee Experience" details how to leverage real-time employee signals to take meaningful action that helps your company recruit and retain the talented employees it needs to grow your customer base and stay ahead of the competition.


Every day, employees encounter challenges that often go unnoticed and unresolved and prevent them from performing their best work — leading to disengagement, low performance, high turnover, and disappointed customers.

Medallia's industry-leading technology, people analytics, and data insights detect the early signs of employee burnout, churn, and declining morale in the moments that matter the most — when there's still time to do something about it. In this white paper, our Medallia experts outline how to:  

  • Harness employee signals to activate the untapped power of your people and improve every area of your business
  • Use AI to surface billions of data points that uncover patterns and trends and analyze the entire employee experience in real time
  • Build a continuous-response employee experience strategy designed to drive team engagement, address turnover, and strengthen customer outcomes

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