Webinar Recording

Discovery Day: Optimizing the Online Visitor Experience

With the recent acquisition of Decibel, Medallia Digital has become a powerhouse in understanding and optimizing the digital customer experience by driving smarter online engagement, personalization, and in-the-moment actions with the data and insights that matter most.

Watch to learn how we can help you build high-value relationships with your online customers at scale, including:

  • Eliminate guesswork when identifying the most urgent issues impacting experience. Powered by AI and machine learning, Decibel by Medallia automatically surfaces what problems are significantly impacting visitor experiences, helping you improve loyalty, drive growth, and increase ROI.
  • Capture in-the-moment sentiment, emotions, and feedback for personalized responses. As your team improves your online experiences, receive real-time feedback from your visitors. Medallia for Digital captures both direct and indirect feedback, helping you personalize every online experience.
  • Grow relationships with tailored, automated, and personalized engagements. With Medallia and Decibel, you can combine signals from every channel into the same platform. With this aggregated data, you can deepen customer relationships and personalize every encounter.

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