The Digital Maturity Model: A Playbook for Better ROI

Achieve growth throughout the phases of digital maturity and understand why the biggest brands are all-in on digital experiences

Digital is no longer just another channel. It’s the first critical touchpoint of almost every customer journey. Customers go to your digital presence whenever they want to interact with your brand, and if you want to meet (or exceed) their expectations, you need to provide a digital experience that is intuitive, seamless, and personalized.

Creating exceptional digital channels to improve overall customer experience doesn’t happen overnight. But for brands who stick with it, the results are impressive: a study from the Medallia Institute found that customer experience leaders are 26 times more likely than laggards to experience revenue growth of 20%, and they’re 2.8 times more likely to meet financial targets.

It’s a digital-first world, and your digital experience program needs to keep up. With a digital maturity model, you can gain an understanding of where your brand stands today and set it on a transformational path to meet customer needs and expectations efficiently.