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Designing Impactful Experiences: Using the Maze of the Customers' Mind

Lou Carbone is a renowned expert in understanding and leveraging the unconscious clues and signals from customers and employees when designing new experiences. By understanding the unvocalized needs of stakeholders (i.e., citizens, veterans, seniors, employees etc.) you can create government experiences that connect with your customers and employees, making them feel significant and heard. Lou shares his concepts, built on decades of research and experience working with government agencies and private sector industries.

This session will answer these questions and more:

  • What does building customer and employee trust have to do with better experiences and cost savings?
  • How can AI functionality help your agency interpret customer signals, anticipate needs, and predict behavior to reduce risk?
  • How might we see the unseen and hear the unheard?
  • What power lies in equitable listening — capturing unstructured data to give voice to the silent majority?
Using Human Centered Design Research Practices to Generate Powerful User Insight

Scott Weiss is a Presidential Innovation Fellow and IDEO alum with an expertise in human centered design and organizational strategy. Scott discusses how four key design research methods allow you to more holistically understand the various challenges and pain points customers are navigating - ultimately allowing the government to reduce administrative burden, collaborate more cross-functionally, and deliver more reliable services for citizens. Learn how these design research techniques, working in concert with each other, will lead to meaningful social impact, thereby increasing public trust in our Democratic institutions.

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