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Customer-Centric Disruption: Pharma through the eyes of patients, physicians and pharmacists

Having disrupted Retail, Hospitality, Banking, and Transportation, the empowerment of consumers through technology is changing the way global healthcare operates faster than drug companies can respond. Whilst the introduction of new regulatory and privacy processes accompanying the data revolution will provide challenges, by far the greatest task will be accommodating the fundamental shift in how patients approach their care and the way physicians and pharmacists adapt to meet those needs.

Customer experience feedback is the fuel required. It provides an early warning system for movements in industry sentiment, enables prioritization of initiatives based on known impact to customer behaviors, and empowers companies to experiment with innovative actions in the field whilst measuring the efficacy of ideas in real-time.

Here we will discuss how the best pharmaceutical companies will win using Operational Customer Experience Management (OCEM) to get closer to patients, physicians, pharmacists and insurers. The key areas of focus will be optimizing the patient and physician journeys, and moving quickly to capitalize on the fast-moving world of data collection, analysis and regulation.