Choosing change to combat the great resignation: A framework

The world of work is undergoing a seismic shift. Employee expectations of work have changed, many traditional work models are obsolete, and the myth that workers are less productive when remote has been debunked. Layer on burnout and turnover at an all time high — we're in the midst of a work revolution — and there’s no "return to work" coming for those awaiting the comfort of the familiar.

Though the world of work has never been more uncertain, one thing is clear — organizations that choose change by putting their people first and building a culture of trust, connection and transparency will come out on top.

Medallia, Visier and RADICL have partnered to help organizations become more agile, resilient and successful by building the human-centered workplaces that employees expect.

Are you ready to choose change? Download the framework and get in touch.

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