Webinar Recording

Building Outstanding Culture with Feedback-Driven Workflows

What’s the difference between a good and great organization? Leaders of tomorrow don’t just build products and services; they build cultures and design experiences. How does an experience leader begin to craft organizations where both employees and customers thrive? No longer is it enough to deliver on numbers alone. Vision and value-based work experiences are becoming the norm when driving exceptional outcomes for customers and employees.

You’ll be surprised to see how easy it is to unlock a more positive, productive, and prosperous culture when you get creative and integrate feedback data into daily workflows.

Watch an interactive discussion with Dr. Tina Shah, health workforce and burnout expert, and Aaron Dignan, Founder of Murmur and The Ready, to learn how to drive mission-critical business outcomes through connected experiences for employees and customers alike.

  • Align and optimize employee engagement to improve customer experience
  • Introduce a culture of collaboration by eliminating siloed data
  • Design, deliver, listen, and measure organizational transformation
  • Integrate feedback data into daily workflows to unlock opportunities