Case Study

How Bank of Georgia increased customer satisfaction for millions of banking customers

Bank of Georgia is the leading retail bank in Georgia, serving more than 2.5 million customers through a network of 206 branch offices, access to 972 ATMs and 3,141 express pay terminals. With so many customers – and diverse products and services – the bank needed a better way to gather the customer voice and measure the quality of their customer service.

Bank of Georgia’s ultimate goal was to deploy a 360-degree view of their customers' journey across all touchpoints – from digital channels like mobile apps to in-person conversations with the contact center and staff at branch offices – to get deeper information in every channel, every day.

Read the case study and learn how partnering with Medallia has enabled Bank of Georgia's customer satisfaction to soar — with 96.5% of the bank's daily transactions now being handled through digital channels — and how the company was selected by Global Financing magazine as Best Digital Bank in 2021 in multiple categories.