Webinar Recording

B2B VoC Webinar Series, Part 2: Effectively Tying Financial Data to Your Customer Experience Program

Turning Insight into Action Throughout Your Organization

Steve Bernstein, Partner, Waypoint Group
Sam Keninger, Director of Product Marketing, Medallia

Research proves what we all know to be true: Happy customers become loyal and outspend unhappy customers. But how do you know the value of your Voice of the Customer (VoC) program if you don’t link customer success directly to company financials? To truly drive action and have a lasting impact at your B2B company, you need to demonstrate how the VoC program is driving ROI.

Join special guest Steve Bernstein from Waypoint Group and Medallia’s Sam Keninger for an engaging webinar that discusses how to link your customer satisfaction with financial data to prioritize the right strategies, take action, and increase profitability.

During this webinar, we will discuss real customer examples that will show how you can:

  • Understand the value of each customer segment, know which customers are at risk for churn, and determine which customers can be ”revenue accelerators”
  • Prioritize actions that will have the most impact on customer success
  • Demonstrate the financial impact of customer satisfaction initiatives
  • Drive real actions with Medallia scorecards, depicting a 360-degree view of your customer at each step of the journey
  • Use Medallia to see holistically how revenue and operational data can be tied to experiential data to drive clearer business decisions

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