Webinar Recording

Actioning vs. Analysis: Managing Customer Journeys in the Moment

Most enterprise organizations today take an ‘analytics-first’ approach to the customer journey. This involves analyzing buckets of data from different channels, troubleshooting problems and pitfalls, implementing changes, and finally measuring successes. 

But in today’s economic climate, this protracted process of analysis to action is more than most businesses can afford. Instead, experience leaders are using an ‘action-first’ approach that enables brands to respond to individual customers in the moment, while surfacing aggregate insights that spearhead larger organizational change. 

Join digital experts Sheila Ornelas and Pip Haylett to hear how experience leaders are taking an action-first approach. You’ll learn about how Medallia can help you:

  • Set up in-the-moment actions that respond to individual customer needs
  • Use these in-the-moment actions to capture aggregate level insights 
  • Break down organizational silos to better meet customer needs

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