5 essential ways to use the voice of customer in your game plan

The next era of business is unfolding right now, and both customers and employees are looking forward to a controlled return to physical locations. Yet, 68% of people don’t want to rush this process. Failing to meet evolving customer needs could cause a damaging brand moment, or worse, might be the catalyst to a business closing its doors for good. Here are five key experience management practices to help your business reopen successfully:

1. Get ahead of evolving customer expectations
Find out what customers want and need from the next phase.

2. Communicate in real time
Embrace all channels to engage and inform customers on their terms, and in the moments that matter.

3. Enable fast, effective action
Gather urgent, actionable insights to keep a pulse on customers’ evolving needs.

4. Maximize insight through non-survey signals
Uncover customer sentiment around safety and comfort.

5. Consider compliance from anywhere
Get real-time insights into the hands of employees responsible for compliance

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