Webinar Recording

Forecasting Fun: 2023 Predictions for Travel, Hospitality and Leisure

How did consumers spend their leisure time in 2022, and what should we expect in 2023?
In this webinar, we share the latest market research on how consumers spent their vacations, booked flights & hotels, and engaged with free-time activities like heath and fitness, entertainment media, and live events.
We explore consumer behaviors and trends from 2022, and discuss key insights that can help us anticipate what to expect in the year to come. You will learn:

  • How inflation and permanent COVID perceptions have impacted travel & hospitality and similar industries
  • How airlines, hotels, and other travel destinations have performed throughout 2022
  • How health and fitness, live events, and content consumption have been affected by the pandemic, and what the future might hold
  • How consumers expect to spend their leisure time in 2023, and outlooks on the health of these industries going forward