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10 Best Practices to Transform CX with SFDC and Medallia

Medallia’s Sales & Service Experience managed package unites the Medallia outside-in view of the customer with the Salesforce inside-out view in live time, breaking down information silos, ensuring that employees are aligned with the customer’s full experience, driving higher customer loyalty, and improving business outcomes.

By integrating the two platforms together, you are able to:

  • Personalize & Contextualize Every Sales & Service Interaction
  • Generate Leads & Opportunities by identifying and actioning on upsell and cross-sell opportunities directly from the voice of the customer
  • Turn Your Call Center into a Retention & Growth Center with sentiment-, AI-, and Text-based Alerts in Medallia open cases in Service Console to enable immediate follow-up with customers
  • Drive a Customer Centric Culture by maximizing your investment in the Salesforce platform by integrating essential customer-facing workflows
  • Identify At-Risk Accounts when you flag potentially at-risk revenue to the right people with Salesforce Cases generated from a combination of Medallia Scores, Segments, AI, and TA

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