Adaptive Engagement Profile

Put the customer at the center of every experience with a rich, real-time profile that maintains always-on intent

Adaptive Engagement Profile

Tune into each customer’s changing intention

Continuously monitor and understand customer behavior, preferences, and evolving needs.

Deliver consistent, cohesive experiences

Linking customer identity helps brands track and listen across channels of engagement and lifecycle stages 

Dynamic customer profile

Stay updated with activities, actions, and newest attributes

Omnichannel connectivity 

Eliminate experience gaps with shared intelligence across touchpoints

Authentic view of each customer’s activities and needs

MXO offers powerful features to capture and link customer data across various devices and touchpoints, providing a unified view of the customer. With MXO's customer profile linking capabilities, you can connect customer interactions and data to a single customer profile, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of customer intent.

Real-time experience events for timely and personalized interactions 

MXO maintains a record of experience events as customers engage, providing a centralized and real-time understanding of individual activities, actions, evolving needs, and preferences. This intelligence serves as a foundation for relevant experiences, enabling businesses to deliver timely and personalized interactions that enhance customer satisfaction and cultivate loyalty.

Up-to-the-second customer intent for personalized experience delivery

Gain deep insights into customer needs and preferences in the moment, allowing you to engage with empathy and deliver personalized experiences that resonate. MXO captures real-time customer intent by merging behaviors with interests, journey, and feedback data. Stay connected to customers' evolving intentions to build lasting relationships and drive customer loyalty.


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