Session Replay

Watch replays of every online visitor—with important sessions automatically flagged for faster insights. 

Visualize every visitor’s digital experience, every time

Get to the root cause of experience issues 

Visualize the problem and quickly diagnose the solution 

Contextualize every piece of feedback 

Understand the actual experiences behind feedback

Skip to the moments that matter most 

Filter sessions based on the errors and events that matter 

Focus resources on what will drive growth

Prioritize the sessions that will impact your bottom line 

Get first-hand insight into every digital experience 

Contextualize feedback, analyze customer behaviors, and uncover issues in a few clicks. With Medallia’s session replay, you can visualize every aspect of a customer’s experience, from what they did (e.g., clicks) to what they saw (e.g., pop-ups), and everything in between. 

Every replay also tracks and flags the key events or errors users experience, helping you skip to the most important part of the session for faster insight.

Take smarter, faster actions with feedback and replays 

Pair each piece of feedback with session replays for richer customer understanding and faster business results. Whether you’re noticing an emerging feedback trend and want deeper insight, or you’re talking to a customer and need visibility into their actual experience, Medallia’s session replays give you the necessary context to make smarter decisions and drive business growth. 

Fast-forward to moments that drive growth 

Focus on the sessions that will increase your ROI, and ignore the rest. Medallia automatically flags the important sessions to help you spot friction and solve the most urgent experience issues. 

Decrease time to resolution by sharing session replays across the organization, helping technical teams reproduce errors and diagnose underlying causes. Medallia replays can be accessed from anywhere, including customer profiles, feedback records, and third-party tools. 


The Essential Tools of DXA

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