Real-Time Interactions 

Cultivate relationships that are meaningful to each customer by triggering actions that are immediately relevant with Medallia’s Real-Time Interactions.  

Drive actions that you know will make an impact 

Understand each visitor and meaningfully interact with them. By analyzing and scoring visitor experiences in real time, Medallia alerts you when users are feeling frustrated, engaged, and everything in between. 

Use this intelligence to trigger real-time interactions that make sense for each visitor, like a promo code for highly engaged buyers, or a live chat in a moment of confusion.

Use feedback history to inform your actions 

Build on existing customer relationships in real time. Leverage rich customer datasets, including feedback history, call center transcripts, and in-store interactions, when triggering online actions. 

Build and launch a real-time survey in minutes 

Quickly build real-time survey programs that make a difference. With Medallia’s self-service interface, you can create robust triggering logic and start capturing feedback immediately. 

Combine real-time triggering logic with any existing rules in your program to avoid survey fatigue and establish a trusted dialogue with your customers.


Change Digital Experiences in the Moment with Medallia 

Learn how Medallia’s Real-Time Interactions is the key to keeping your customers engaged, satisfied, and happy with your brand. 

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