Behavioral Intelligence

Get insight into every experience, so you can uncover the best—and worst—moments of every journey using Medallia’s behavioral intelligence. 

Behavioral signals that deliver answers 

Holistic insight into every customer 

Understand each experience, even those without feedback 

Score every experience with DXS

Automatically evaluate every experience on a scale of 0-10

Trigger intelligent real-time actions 

Empower real-time interactions that make sense for each customer

5 key pillars of experience 

Understand both the emotional and technical aspects of digital experience 

Rich behavioral insights that drive ROI 

Understand customers like never before. With Medallia, you can track your customers’ “digital body language” by monitoring key digital behaviors, such as unresponsive multi-click, device rotation, and comparison browsing. 

Use these behaviors to prioritize the biggest issues and opportunities on your digital property, whether it’s fixing a broken button or accelerating conversions on a particular funnel.

Automatically score every experience with DXS® 

Fast-track to the experiences that matter. Medallia’s Digital Experience Score (DXS) is the only metric designed to give holistic insight into every customer. Scoring each experience on a score of 0-10, DXS automatically shows where to focus resources to drive impact. 

DXS considers 5 key pillars of experience: Frustration, Engagement, Technical, Form, and Navigation. Each of these core pillars has its own score, helping you pinpoint what aspect of experience needs attention. 

Turn intelligence into action, in real time 

Use insights from Medallia’s behavior intelligence and DXS to power real-time actions, like opening a chat window or displaying a discount code, that will accelerate conversion and drive growth. 

Build on relationships by leveraging rich customer data when triggering actions, so your loyal customers feel recognized at every step of their journey.


Change Digital Experiences in the Moment with Medallia 

Learn how Medallia’s Real-Time Interactions is the key to keeping your customers engaged, satisfied, and happy with your brand. 

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