September 13, 2022

Medallia Sees Increased Demand for Candidate Experience Solutions

Medallia continues to invest in and evolve candidate experience solutions to help recruiters and hiring managers hire and onboard the best talent 


PLEASANTON, Calif. – September 13, 2022– Medallia, Inc., the global leader in customer and employee experience, today announced it has seen an increased demand for solutions that improve candidate experience. With hiring and retaining top talent more challenging than ever, companies are working with Medallia to identify and quickly resolve any and all issues with the hiring process. By increasing the speed to hire top talent, organizations can reduce costs for recruiting and improve brand perception. 

A recent research report conducted by Medallia, in partnership with the Josh Bersin Company, found that companies identified as employee experience leaders are more likely than employee experience laggards to gather feedback throughout the interviewing and hiring process.

“As organizations cope with the competitive employee marketplace, demand for candidate experience and insights continues to grow as companies can’t afford to lose out on talent,” said David Ostberg, Solution Principal and Industrial Psychologist at Medallia. “Employee Experience leaders are leaning heavily on understanding the candidate experience by getting feedback and insights from those at the very heart of the process: candidates, hiring managers, and recruiters."

Medallia makes it easy to have a first-class candidate experience across the entire hiring journey with:

  • Continuous listening across the candidate experience from job application to interview process to the offer stage
  • Advanced AI and purpose-built experience analytics to automatically provide talent acquisition leaders and recruiters with sentiment analysis, pattern recognition, role-relevant insights, and root cause analysis
  • Real-time workflows that let recruiters resolve issues before they end up on GlassDoor or Twitter 
  • Easy integration with applicant tracking systems (ATS) allows recruiting teams to get highly actionable feedback at key moments of truth in the candidate lifecycle.

“In today’s competitive talent landscape, it is more important than ever that candidates have a positive experience, yet too often candidates report feeling undervalued and frustrated by a lack of communication,” said Tey Scott, SVP of Talent Acquisition at Medallia. “Candidate feedback helps us understand our strengths and opportunities and we believe in constant improvement. This year, 88% of candidates agreed that they were clear on the next steps throughout the recruitment process at Medallia, which was an 8% score improvement from last year.”

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