October 13, 2011

Medallia Launches Mobile Feedback Solution for iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry

Extending the Lead in Unifying Mobile Functionality with Customer Experience Management Platform

PALO ALTO, Calif., October 13, 2011 — Medallia, the global leader in SaaS Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions, today announced Medallia Mobile Feedback, a solution that makes it easier than ever for customers to provide feedback on their phones. The solution works across multiple platforms, including iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry.

With Medallia Mobile Feedback, customers can fill out surveys without having to download any apps. Companies can launch one survey, without needing to create different versions for each mobile platform. The new solution provides a mobile-friendly experience for customers that is consistent with companies’ brand and visual identities. As with all Medallia products, Mobile Feedback Solution empowers companies to take immediate action, such as acknowledging a high score or responding to an unhappy customer.

“Mobile is increasingly how we communicate,” said Borge Hald, CEO and co-founder of Medallia, “There are more than a billion mobile devices and hundreds of millions of smartphones in use today. Medallia Mobile allows businesses to incorporate this key channel into their CEM programs. It collects, analyzes, and reports customer feedback across the most common mobile platforms.”

Medallia Mobile Feedback also works with speech-to-text-enabled smartphones, such as the newly introduced iPhone 4S, so customers can speak their survey responses into their phones. “Because Medallia Mobile Feedback is so easy to use, more customers will complete a survey on their mobile devices while their experience is still fresh,” said Hald.

In addition to Medallia Mobile Feedback, Medallia is introducing enhancements to its previously announced mobile reporting applications, Medallia Mobile for iPhone and iPad. New features include push notifications of alerts, which will encourage more frontline employees to use the mobile app.