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Nov 10, 2016

Medallia Launches Insights Suite with Advanced Data Analytics

New solution helps CX professionals unearth deeper insights to improve the customer experience

PALO ALTO, Calif., November 10, 2016 — Medallia, Inc. (, the global Customer Experience Management leader, today announced Medallia Insights Suite™. It includes significant enhancements to Medallia’s data analytics capabilities, including Pivot Tables to conduct quick ad hoc analyses, and Crosstabs to investigate patterns in customer feedback. With this new suite, Insights teams no longer have to conduct these analyses offline, a process that is both tedious and time-consuming. Instead, they can focus on what’s most important: delivering actionable insights that drive business performance across an organization.

Specifically designed for the Insights user, Medallia Insights Suite allows users to conduct deeper data analyses and statistically validate emerging customer insights, directly within the platform. Among many advantages, it enables Insights teams to process millions of customer records in subseconds, analyze all relevant data in one place, and immediately test and validate hypotheses using powerful capabilities to slice and dice the data.

“We’ve seen our Insights users become some of the most influential change agents within their organizations because they bring insights based on the same data that everyone across the organization is already seeing and using to measure their own success. As a result, our users’ insights are immediately credible and inspire action,” said Bryan Busse, VP of Customer Success at Medallia.

“Getting to a shared understanding of the customer experience with Medallia has been critical,” said Brian Van Wagener, Group Vice President of Customer Experience & Analytics at Frontier Communications, a Fortune 500 communications leader that uses Medallia software solutions and has piloted Medallia Insights Suite. “Leaders across our organization are actively looking to us for timely and compelling insights so that we can work at the speed of our customers across a large, complex, cross-functional organization. The alignment we get allows our team to be strategic and is also energizing because we can quickly generate insights that lead to action.”

Enhancements to Medallia’s data analytics capabilities include:

  • Pivot Tables: Conduct quick ad hoc analyses and get rapid answers by viewing scores on multiple dimensions
  • Crosstabs: Investigate unexpected patterns in customer feedback and draw relationships between variables
  • Real-time Weighting: Run analyses in-line with the distribution of the organization’s customer base or target demographic

Users can take advantage of these features directly in the platform, reducing human error associated with exporting data and offline analysis.

“The level of sophistication and ease-of-use of Medallia has always been impressive. The new functionality makes our jobs even easier and removes a lot of the administrative burden that practitioners in our space face that lead to mechanical or repetitive work,” continued Van Wagener. “We run a lean team, and this gives us the time and ability to go even deeper with the data and uncover hidden insights that will ultimately make a difference with our customers.”

For additional details, please visit: Medallia Insights Suite. The Medallia Insights Suite also includes Medallia Text Analytics, which delivers critical insight based on unstructured customer data, and Medallia Ask Now, which powers rapid in-market tests and innovation.

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